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Cultural Examination

Micro Lab Safety Rules:


  •     Eatables, drink, smoke or cosmetics should not be used in the laboratory.
  •     Hands should be washed thoroughly after leaving the laboratory with soap and water.
  •     When your hands are exposed to a cultured material you should immediately wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly.
  •     Lab bench should be disinfected before starting if culture is spilled and also before leaving the laboratory.


Proper labeling should be done to the samples and cultures with names, initials, course, experiment information, date and composition of the solution, identity of the culture and experiment number also if it contains.

All the plates, tubes, flasks and bottles are to be labeled with proper identities of the users.

  Bio-safety Guidelines:

While dealing with the specimens and laboratory instruments for investigations one should take proper care to avoid injuries and spread of diseases through contamination and to protect oneself from the infections.
  1.    Restricted and limited persons are to be allowed into the laboratory when investigations are in process.
  2.    Persons should wash their hands and exposed areas properly before leaving the laboratory.
  3.    Smoking, drinking, eating, changing contact lenses and cosmetics usage should be avoided in the laboratory.
  4.    Food items should be stored in refrigerators outside the laboratory and persons should also take care to wear goggles if they use contact lenses to protect their eyes properly.
  5.    Proper care should be taken while doing the investigating procedures to avoid spilling of the material around.
  6.    When viable materials are being used then proper care should be taken and after the usage the laboratory should be cleaned off properly.
  7.    While decontaminating the work materials of laboratories like cultures, stocks and other materials they should be thrown in the disposable areas with proper leak proof packages covered to stop leakage. And while decontaminating proper safety and security measures should be taken like it should be left in the permitted places with local or self or state federal regulations.
  8.    Bio-hazard sign must be symbolized on the entrance of the laboratory with proper details of the name of the agents in use and name and other details of the investigator.
  9.    Laboratory equipments like gowns, coats or uniforms should be worn to avoid infections and contamination of the regular clothes.
  10.    To protect hands from different solutions and different types of infections and contamination gloves should be worn.
  11.    A proper hand washing sink should be there in the laboratory with water facility to wash hands.

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