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Examination of Blood for parasites

External quality assessment in the examination of blood films for parasites. A film of the blood or a peripheral blotch of transference of the blood is a slide done of a drop of the blood, of which it allows that the cells are examined microscopic. The films of the blood are made generally to investigate the problems hematological (disorders of the blood itself) and, once in a while, to look for parasites within the malaria and filaria blood as.

A film of spirit or blutschlupfstelle of Zusatzeine a diameter, that it is constituted from a drop of the spirit, is concurred that one the cells is examined microscopically. Films of spirit normally, in order to study the problems of haematologische (the dispersions of the spirit) and, made occasionally, in order to try you adorned you to the inside of the spirit which malaria and the filaria.

Disorders: A microscopic view of an abnormal blood film.

Use in diagnosing malaria: Blutschlupfstelle of a P. falciparum culture (load K1). Some red blood cells have Ringstadien within it. Near at the center it gives schizont and on on the left of a trophozoite.
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