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Parasitology Stool examination

Ova and examination of Stool for parasites. In order the necessity at three bolster samples per patient for resumption of the enterischen parasites to determine, did not repeat we by routine submit the recordings of our Parasitologielabors for 1985-87 around the number of parasites to determine those would not have been determined if only or two samples submitted were. A total quantity 16% of all bolster samples were positive.

For each sample, which was positive for a parasite (index sample) was a search for other bolster samples taken place, positively or the negative, received from the same patient within 6 days of the admission of the index sample. We marked 676 sentences of its two (276) or three (400) samples 1 were positive at least. A total quantity 93% of the enterischen parasites in the first sample into the two-sample sentences were determined.

Under the three-sample sentences 90% of the parasites in the first sample, 8% in the second and 2% in the Third were determined. We recommend to wait us the result from the first bolster sample to instead of three samples for resumption of the enterischen parasites to by routine submit
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