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Introduction to parasitology

Parasitology (Gr., Para =beside; sitos =foods; logos=study) is the study of parasitic animals. Parasitism is defined as an association of two organisms of the same or different species, in which one lives at the cost of another.  A parasite is that which lives on other organisms called a host, receiving nourishment and shelter with out any compensation for the host.

Parasitology Research, Foundation of Parasitology based on today's virus and bacterial information. Foundation of Parasitology and history, what is the purpose of these tests.

Kinds of parasitism

Ecto-parasite:   The parasites which live on the external surface of the host.
Endo-parasite:  The parasite which lives inside the body of the host: in the Blood, tissues, body cavities, digestive tract and other organs.

Temporary parasite:  The parasite visits the host for a short period.

Facultative parasite: lives both as a parasite as well as free living.

Accidental parasite:  free living animals capable of leading a parasitic life for a certain period in a host, if swallowed accidentally.

Kinds of parasitology host:

Definitive host:  Either harbors the adult stage of the parasite, or where the parasite utilizes the sexual method of reproduction.

Intermediate host: harbors the larval stages of the parasite. In some cases, the larval stage will be completed in two different hosts. This is referred to as, first and second intermediate host.

Paratenic host (A carrier):  A host where the parasite remains viable with out any further development.

Introduction to Entomology

Life cycles of arthropod vectors
  •             Ticks
  •             Mosquitoes
  •             Flies
  •             Flea
  •             Mites

Mechanism of transmission of diseases

Vector control measures

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  • Elephant leg
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  • Liver fluke parasite
  • Parasitology Entomology
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  • Pinworm
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