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Welcome To Diagnostic Parasitology & Public Health Society

Welcome to the world of Parasites. Parasite is the word which we will be using very familiarly with different meanings and in many situations. Here you can find all the features of the parasites that we find everywhere in the nature in different living conditions and associated with different living organisms. Nature and living organisms are very closely related to these parasites which affect the lives of so many living and non-living organisms which sometimes help to keep the balance of the nature and many times we can see the biggest harmful effects of the parasites on the nature or living organisms which become the main cause for diseases.

Parasitology is a very vast discipline of Microbiology where we can see the study of Parasites in different aspects which include Medical Parasitology, veterinary parasitology, structural parasitology, quantitative parasitology, parasite ecology, conservation biology of parasites, taxonomy and phylogenetics, history of parasitology which help us know about parasites.


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